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New from Anton: VW “One Horse Town”

How long will it take for the economy to recover when restrictions are lifted? And what about South Africa’s isolated small towns? Filmed under lockdown in Darling with multiple cast and locations, Anton imagines this future and shows that larger-scale production and performance directing is possible under Covid.

While strict working protocols were followed by cast and crew, our remote live-streaming system in partnership with StreamVT brought agency and client right onto set. Our remote viewers were fed a high resolution 1080p image straight from the camera and actors’ performances and dialogue were delivered in crisp, clear stereo. Feedback to set was virtually instantaneous, with fruitful and seamless collaboration between Anton and key remote role players at the drop of a hat. Our remote viewers also had access to a separate camera that allowed them to roam the set and interrogate off-camera elements.

It bodes well for all of us that production companies are able deliver these kinds of pipelines and that the real impact on creativity and collaboration under lockdown is proving negligible. Hopefully that’ll lead to work flowing back into the system as clients and creatives see what is possible.

Watch the video above.


Director: Anton Visser
Exec Producer: Zayd Halim
Producer: Deenan Naidoo

Marketing Communications Manager: Meredith Kelly
Brand Manager: Loryn Symons
Brand Consultant: Neo Nkosi

Creative Director: Alex Goldberg
Associate Creative Director: Riaan Van Wyk
Creative Group Head: Marjolein Roussouw
Head of Broadcast: Cathy Day
Managing Partner: Alexi Leih
Business Director: Chris Spencer
Account Director: Jeanine Hugo

DOP: Devin Toselli
Art Director: Laurence Bishop
Stylist: Di Shand
Casting: Disco Casting

Post Production: Deliverance Post
Editor: Ricky Boyd
Online: Graeme Armstrong
Grade: Terry Simpson

Audio: Chris Querido at Sonar Studios