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Coca-Cola “Internet Cafe” directed by Sam Coleman for FCB Joburg.

Sam Coleman has transformed a mundane African internet café into a refreshing dance-like-nobody-is-watching fantasy for Coca-Cola. Shot in downtown Johannesburg, Sam brings his visual storytelling ability to the joyous ad that was superbly choreographed by Zoyi Lindiwe Muendane and set to an original Amapiano track by Sowetan artist Njelic.

The commercial begins with a young woman frustrated with the heat and slow wifi connection in an internet café. She takes a sip of an ice-cold Coca-Cola and her world is instantly transformed from ordinary to awesome. Propelled into a surreal version of her surroundings, she loses herself in the moment and launches into a euphoric dance sequence.

The choreography was all designed to be in sync with the lighting design, which also transforms in-camera as her world changes around her.

To keep the performance authentic and maintain the charm of the character, Sam did not cast a professional dancer, but rather a ‘girl next door type’ in Rendani Khetani who brought a freshness and relatable authenticity.

He then enlisted the expertise of top South African choreographer Zoyi Lindiwe Muendane, who helped him transform Rendani from a ‘non performer’ into a dancer overnight.  Zoyi adds: “Sam’s direction was always very clear: “Let the storytelling lead the dance moves and not the other way around. It’s not about a pro-dancer but rather about a girl next door who gets inspired to let go in a situation where one normally wouldn’t.” This automatically pushed my choreography thinking and I appreciate him telling me this as I’ve continued using this technique.”

The original track was created by Njelic, one of Soweto’s fastest rising Amapiano DJs, in collaboration with the talented team at Audio Militia. Amapiano (Zulu for ‘the pianos’) is a genre that perfectly pairs with the dance floor and the energetic African aesthetic of the ad. The music style originated in South Africa around 2012 and is a hybrid of deep house, jazz and lounge music.

Conceptualised by FCB Johannesburg, Creative Director Jonathan Wolberg weighed in: “This simple story was crucially hinged on the performance, the track and the overall aesthetic of a timeless Coca-Cola tale told in the beautifully unique and eclectic style of an African Internet Café. There was no better Director for this than Sam, with his extensive experience on music-driven storytelling, his incredible eye for detail, performance and ability to capture everything in-camera.”


Director: Sam Coleman
Exec Producer: Zayd Halim
Producer: Boris Vossgatter
Production Manager: Kelly Grobler

Creative Director: Jonathan Wolberg
Art Director: Naledi Manama
Copywriter: Marvin Mpanda
Agency Producer: Tanya Wagner & Stephan Campher

D.O.P: Tom Revington
Post: Left Post Production
Editor: Evy Katz

Choreographer: Zoyi Muendane
Original Music: Audio Militia featuring Njelic

Stylist: Bee Diamondhead
HMU: House of Queen