Remote Shooting

Our remote shoots are done in partnership with industry leaders Teradek and StreamVT to deliver secure, robust, broadcast-quality 1080p HD images to viewers no matter where they are in the world, along with rock solid collaboration and feedback pipelines.

Should you have any questions or if you want to do a remote shoot test please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It’s worth noting that there are different ways of doing remote shoots and that some options are effective while others are not. Substandard remote set-ups often result in poor picture and audio quality, drop-off, buffering, inadequate feedback systems and a feeling of “not really being on set”.

The truth is that technology now makes remote production a completely seamless, collaborative, and unencumbered experience. In many cases and for many people it will be the norm going forward.

How a Remote Shoot with Patriot works:


  1. On-set VT feed goes into a Teradek Cube encoder. The encoded stream is uplinked to Core servers through a high-speed Node unit using multiple bonded LTE sim cards and military-grade antennas.
  2. A 1080p broadcast-quality VT feed is streamed to remote viewers, essentially giving them a normal VT playback experience no matter where they are. We use a private and secure streaming platform that works on any device and which requires no prior installation – it’s as simple as clicking a link and entering a password.
  3. Remote viewers are further “present” on location via a second roaming camera operated by a dedicated physical host. This camera gives them access to anything they’d like to see or approve and lets them communicate instantly with key role players on set.
  4. Crystal clear real-time comms can be set up between remote collaborators and the crew on the ground via dedicated headsets. This comes into play particularly for remote directors and producers who can talk directly to their key crew, HODs and production staff.
  5. A secondary backup feed is in place that uses a lower-resolution platform through a different pipeline.